Information Architecture + User Experience

By nature, people like things to be easy and clear. Present day consumers are used to seamless user experiences at their fingertips, every minute of the day, which is why expectations are high.

The Digified Souls team is equipped to deliver quality experiences and more. It is our job to turn the frustration of “what’s going on?” into the joy of “that was easy!”- by designing standout digital architecture that converts prospects and keeps customers coming back.

Corporate Profiles

Innovative corporate films help to enhance your brand’s relationship and instill your company values in your customers, employees, and potential collaborators. Digified Souls have the expertise to produce the highest quality corporate videos, from internal company communications to b-roll distribution (video news releases) and broadcast advertisements thanks to our background in digital marketing, and public relations.
We have worked with some of the most well-known brands, focusing on broadcast quality production and concise scripting and editing.


Animation is one of the most effective ways of capturing public’s attention and leaving a lasting impression, making it an essential tool for brand managers and public relations professionals alike.
We have an animation team dedicated to bringing your vision to life in a fun, engaging, and shareable way. Our animators can expertly take your short film, social media campaign, or infographic story from concept to realisation.

Digital Ads

Videography has become the most important tool for content that brands or companies can share through their social media channels, providing organic coverage over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram,(up to nine times greater than images or text alone). Digified Souls have mastered the art of video creation and crafting exceptional cross-channel content, with a team of social and digital specialists among our ranks. Our creative social media department helps you to brainstorm, create and increase your social presence and audience shares on diverse platforms; from Snapchat and Instagram to Facebook Live, Q&A streams and 360 degree content.

Short Films

Just as the audience’s reaction to a movie determines its success, similarly, how a potential customer reacts to a company’s profile determines brand loyalty. Our film, scriptwriting and production staff have a comprehensive background, making Digified Souls a truly skilled manufacturer of jaw-dropping, sharply artistic video content that maintains the customer’s message from the first scene to the final curtain.
Why not get in touch with us to see how we can transform your story from the extended story-board content to the seeable digital video.

Documentary Films

Documentaries used to be the epitome of long and dragging content due to their serious nature until brands started using documentary style content and they are the new rage as far as it goes for a brand’s content marketing. Branded documentaries are a form of artistic expression that resonates with their consumers through brief and authentic stories that invoke consumer interest and loyalty. We have mastered the art of creating branded documentaries thanks to our social media and film-making staff. We can provide you with the exact services needed to make a branded documentary to show off your brand’s legitimacy and values.

YouTube Content

YouTube is the third largest social media site gathering around 2 billion active users worldwide. YouTube content is the best platform for audio-visual marketing and to engage with consumers at a more personal level. A YouTube channel allows a brand to tell their story without filtering out any details. This form of raw and unfiltered content allows consumers to feel connected with the brand. A brand needs videographers, editors and social media experts for their perfect YouTube vision to actualize, which is where we come in. Digified Souls can provide you with the perfect team to manage your YouTube marketing; highlighting your brand’s strengths with engaging content for your consumers increasing your outreach and consumer loyalty.