In 2021, traditional businesses realized that incorporating Digital is no longer optional, almost all marketing channels became Digital during the lock-down, and the Impact of digital marketing on consumer behavior is shaping the industry by forcing businesses to adapt their digital marketing approach and strategy.

Businesses all across the world need information on consumer behavior. This is due to their ongoing desire to improve their shopping experience and, as a result, their sales figures.

Consumer behavior research allows them to gain a better understanding of market expectations. It also assists them in making improvements that would enable consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

The research includes data on what customers buy, where they buy it, and when they buy it. It also displays data on their purchasing intent, frequency, and other factors.

Most customers prefer not to be pushed to making a purchase, Paid advertising ROI dropped significantly due to many reasons, Facebook Advertising CTR is at its all-time lowest, less than 1%, Google Search Ads are being ignored by savvy customers who use other search engines or browsing in incognito mode, and the advertising costs are reaching new limits due to fierce competition for users attention.

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